Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Practivist of the Week - YOU! Helping Kevin Sandbloom!

So here we go...

I know of some great projects you can get involved in just by clicking and donating.  Easy.  As much or as little as you are moved to give.
Tireless troubadour Kevin Sandbloom has been pounding the pavements of our souls for some time now.  He's more than put in his 10,000 hours and perfected his craft as a singer, songwriter, and interpreter of songs closest to our hearts.  Besides massively moving songs like "Sweetness" off his new album Under Pink and Bourbon Skies, he is known for killer covers of songs from Sade's "Is It A Crime," to Al Green and Marvin Gaye.

When I heard he planned to record Joni Mitchell's album Blue in its entirety, I couldn't have been more thrilled.  The pairing of Sandbloom's vocals and guitars with Joni's lyrics and melodies, the idea of reclaiming this still dangerous and raw material and giving it out to another cultural generation and crossing it over to new audiences captivated me.

Says Sandbloom:

The idea of covering a whole album has been germinating with me for a long time. Joni Mitchell's Blue is one of those special records that hold a lot memories and feelings for so many and it's probably her most soulful work. In the end it seemed like the perfect choice. The fact that it's starting to unfold into reality is really exciting and I think it will be a landmark project for me.

Where do you fit in?

You can check out Sandbloom and Joni, for sure, and you can wait for the album to surface, but you can also help make it a reality.

Sandbloom has started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to complete the project.  IndieGoGo specializes in micro-funding of projects - people have a project and they put it out there, and hope that all the $5, $10 and occasional $100 donation will add up to them getting their project out in the world.  Donations go to a non-profit, and the artist or producer receives the money once the project is fully funded.  Based on the microfinancing models so successful in helping families out of poverty with small business loans across the world, it is empowering artists to take their careers in their own hands, and enabling them to bring you their true visions.

I think it does have potential to be his biggest project yet, and is certainly worth doing well.  Click this link to DONATE!

And if you know Joni, I'm thinking she should paint the cover...just saying.  ; )

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