Monday, 11 April 2011

8/30 - Dead Email Office

Here’s what we never had to do before:

Delete the email addresses of the dead.

Before sending out some mass mail
go in
by hand

and hit:
Remove Email Address


And on.   Some young, some old.

You could leave them
but then you just get an auto-reply
which is unnerving

You could think the ether is calling
these bits and pixels to them
that they parse this binary without tongues
or brain stems
that they miss you electronically

You could

I could
Delete them permanently
From my address book
not have this problem.

I don’t.
I seem to prefer to be reminded
That they lived
That they were
That they meant and shared

I see Irene’s red hair and
Sad but laughing eyes
and remember
Not to take it all so damn personally
It is not about me
or even them
it doesn't always work out
we sometimes love harder
and longer
than is good for us
but loving is what keeps us in life

We are here shorter than I stand
we are meant to reach out in that time
create electricity between
it is how we hold each other up

then go
leaving that trace of energy
to pick up sometimes
in a picture frame
a poem

c. e. amato

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