Monday, 10 February 2014

Quote of the Week - Tsu

"I answer only to my heart and my head. The rest of them can answer to karma."

Real quotes from real people - the best kind! I saw this on Dan's FB and I knew it needed to be shared.

Sometimes the choice between right and wrong, good and evil seems clear cut.  But I've recently realized that keeping your hands clean, and not following your heart - even when it seems karmically correct and a choice endorsed by conventional wisdom, can create more harm than postivity.

Answering to what you know to be true is brave and necessary if we are to wade through the too many options world we live in and create real intimacy and progression. Sometimes you may be the only one with the perspective, and the freedom, to make the wrong choice - the one head and heart demand - and the one which in hindsight would saved many people much pain.

Apparently, the above Banksy is being removed and sold by the building owners.  As if it belonged to them.

Happy Monday.  Question convention.

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