Want to Write for Zesty?

We are looking for great contributors.

We do not currently pay. (But we're working on it.)

What we are looking for:

- Posts that bring a personal perspective to current themes

- Writers who think and feel; creative people who have something to say but think they aren't writers(that's what editors are for - we'll help you articulate your vision if you get stuck).

- Posts that are approximately 500 words (if you're feeling like your idea is much longer, then maybe it's a series of posts, and that's fine)

- Posts for Zesty's current ongoing series:

    Women You Should Know (March only; deadlines in February)
    Dear Able People
    Let's Talk About Microaggressions
    The Other 50%
    Practivist series

- Posts that fit into our sphere. This includes:

  Culture - high and low, all forms
  Health, well-being, spirituality
  Women's issues - women in art, equality, parity, challenges
  Positive lifestyle
  Explorations of social issues like privilege, diversity, inclusiveness, equality

Please take a look around and read the previous posts to get a sense of what Zesty is about. If you have an idea that fits into an existing series, or a new idea, please get in touch.


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