Sunday, 17 May 2015

Quote of the Week - Portman

"I like being a stranger in a place. You're kind of an outsider, and I think that's what makes you. It's the only way I've ever known." 
~ Natalie Portman

Monday, 11 May 2015

Quote of the Week - Sterling

"... if we don’t speak in the wise woman’s voice and find places to honor that softer/deeper woman’s voice, I feel like we’ll lose our opportunity to evolve, and that could have disastrous consequences. We don’t have to have 2,000 years of matriarchy now, but we have to stand up and allow ourselves to be clear that we are the voice of change. We have to do the work necessary to find the strength within ourselves to stand for something different. Yee-haw!" 
~ Suzanne Sterling

This is from a great two-part interview in Invoke Magazine. The articles address finding voice, activism and community, among other things. Sterling is a co-founder, with Hala Khouri and Seane Corn of Off the Mat - a great organization teaching and leading activism and bridging the gap between yoga culture and the activist community.