Wednesday, 3 April 2013

50 by 50

Yeah.  So I read this "50 Things Every Woman Should Know" piece in the Huffington Post.  (I should know better than to read The Huffington Post - it's true.)  It all struck me as a little, how shall we say -- suburban?  upper middle?  white? materialistic?  Sure, it's great to know how to change a tire ... if you have a car!  And it's awesome to invest in the stock market ... if you have discretionary income.  Likewise, carving a turkey is cool ... if you eat meat.  Thus ... a teeny tiny ulcer was born inside me.  Here are my 50 pearls.  Uncultured.

1. Made something from nothing.
2. Gone through the fire.  And again.
3. Held the hand of someone walking through fire.
4. Loved exponentially more than she hated.
5. Slept under the stars.
6. Sex on the beach.  (All that sand.) (Elevator, plane, or desk in your place of business are okay substitutions here.)
7. Helped a younger woman get where she wants to go.
8. Made a child’s life better.  Much better.
9. Found the limits of her own body, her own pleasure.
10. Acted on her most persistent sexual fantasy.  And the next two on the list.  (Unless they involve being over 50.)
 11. Traveled somewhere alone, where she didn’t speak the language, just because she wanted to go.  And was fine.
12.  Told a story that changed someone’s life.
13. Decided she’s beautiful just as she is.
14. Figured out her body is exactly the size and shape it is supposed to be right now.
15. Realized it’s only money.
16. Learned how to receive.
17. Been very true to someone.
18. Figured out when to leave.
19. Said her piece.
20. Failed.  Fallen.  Often.
21. Gotten up often + one times.
22. Apologized.
23. Made do.  With a smile on her face and a laugh at the ready.
24. Worked hard enough to fall into bed to stone cold sleep.
25. Relaxed well enough to fall asleep in the sun in the middle of reading a sentence.
26. Find out she enjoys her alone time.
27. Started one thing she was “too old” to begin.
28. Became someone who hugs a lot.
29. Found her inner voice.  Listened.  Sang.
30. Learned how to let go with grace.  Or without.
31, Forgiven as much as possible, starting with herself.
32. Learned how to be kind.
33. Figured out her biggest fears.
34. Stared down at least one of them.
35. Given up the daily habits that weigh down her body, mind, and spirit.
36. Taken up daily habits that support her body, mind, spirit.
37. Asked for more.
38. Found peace with her childhood.
39. Dwelled long enough in the depths of her being to find compassion.
40. Told anger to take a hike.
41. Watched porn.  Drank in a dive bar.  Or both.
42. Done something huge for someone else for no reason other than their tremendous need of it.
43. Done something for herself so huge she could never ask anyone else to do it for her.
44. Found her truest touchstone for inspiration.
45. Tested her gangster.
46. Expanded her boundaries.
47. Traveled across the boundaries of her lineage, bearing gifts, yet carrying no baggage.
48. Let go of the guilt.
49. Transcended the guilty fear.
50. Rejoiced.


maidel said...

I love this list.

maidel said...
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E. Amato said...

Grazie! Feel free to share!!! xox