Monday, 15 April 2013

Quote of the Week - Dewhurst

"Life may be a mess: You may have a hundred crises forcing their way into your mind and your heart. But--and I stress this--the theatre and the person you bring to the theatre must be pure and clear and ready only for the work at hand. Your fellow actors, the stage manager, the dresser--they don't need to know the drama you have at home or in your life. Pour it all into the performance. Blow away the audience with your intensity, but don't alienate or alarm your coworkers with the diary of your life. And the theatre becomes therapy. So does the commute to the theatre. Just wash it all away, store it, command it to sit and be still. You'll work a lot of it out in the performance, so that by the time you face down the problem at home, it's smaller and it knows its place, and it knows that you've been made stronger by giving to others, by prioritizing, by doing the right thing."  
- Colleen Dewhurst

One of the greats.  Keep the drama in front of the camera; it's better for everybody!

(I got this off someone's FB.  Now I don't remember whose, but I thank them.)

Make it real Monday,

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