Monday, 25 April 2011

Monday's Quote - Roche

"You never know where your spiritual self is hidden. We’re told to find it through the discipline of practice. Because this is meditation, and not the Army, your impulse to rebel against discipline is as important as your desire to change yourself for the better. You may have noticed in the past that when you try to get yourself to do a self-help program, you wind up tyrannizing yourself. Then you rebel against the tyranny. The rebel becomes a saboteur of your program because you left her out. The way through this is to embrace the rebel right from the start."

- Dr. Lorin Roche

I've been reading Dr. Roche's columns in LA Yoga for a while now.  They are always interesting.  This one seemed especially appropriate for spring, when my inner rebel starts acting up!

Celebrate your inner rebel!

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