Monday, 4 April 2011

3/30 - Home

(This might be a blueprint for a different poem.  Not sure.)


Home is the place you were born
Home is where you return when you leave
Home is where your stuff lives
Home has 500 channels and free WiFi you pay for monthly

Home is not someplace you go to, it is someplace you come from
Home is where the rent is always due
and they can evict you when they feel like it
Home is where the mortgage is 90% interest 100%  your energy
Home is always after a long day of working to pay for home
Home needs renovation, minor repairs, new kitchen cabinets
and a garage door opener
Home is what you clean on your day off

Home is where the dirty dishes are in the sink
the dirty laundry is in the hamper
the dirty sheets are on the bed
and the dirty secrets stain the wallpaper

Home is not always sweet  -- Home has fangs,
is nocturnal and out for blood

Home is where the abuse takes place secretly
behind locked doors opening onto sprawling green lawns
Home is where your tongue is mother lashing out at you like flames
Home is not flame-retardent

Home is what makes you real for governments
Home is what you have a right to defend when it is violated
yet have no right to defend yourself from violation within
Home is safe until the umpire calls it out

Home is where you flee from persecution
begging for asylum in someone else's home
Home is go back to where you came from
wop, kike, mick, spic, guinea, gook, gypsy, gringa

Home lost one ruby slipper
after binge drinking at the high school reunion
(if only she knew it is hiding under the step aerobic platform
beneath her old bed in the back room
she might be able to return to herself)

Home is an energy signature,
stripped of the universal constant
streaked from orbit
trying to stop space from expanding
one micron at a time.

c. e. amato

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