Monday, 4 April 2011

2/30 - Mercury Take Me With You

Mercury take me with you
Back back back
Pull me There
was a moment an instant
A breath
Where I was happy perfect

Where gratitude and abundance
worked the same corner
Where wish met fulfillment with a low five
Where need dissolved in sweetness's care
real whole felt
Where desire lost her name in a haze

by geography greed and convention
as so many things are

would that you traveled backwards
instead of just giving its impression
that you could spin that yarn once more
I could pick up those threads
knit future furiously between
industrious purposeful fingertips

This is not regret
There cannot be regret
when choice is pimped by circumstance

Only the endless forward thrust of longing
renamed remember folded into capsule looked at under glass
another item to be dusted off
when company comes
eventually donated to the church bazaar
to raise money for someone else’s dreams.

c. e. amato

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