Saturday, 16 April 2011

15/30 - Superhero

Today I was a superhero
Dashing myself from the back-seat car window
out into the cold cold cold pluming water
and back onto dry land

You’d have said I was the smart one

you are not here to see me
submerged where you are
water rushing in
babies no longer able to cry

No one can get to you now
not me
not the firefighters trying to rescue you
not him
Not him

He will never do that to you again
Never be able to ruin my sister’s life
I get you

They think I’m too young
but there is no too young to know
in a house like ours

Some people don’t understand
sometime the only way to save a soul
is to kill it dead first

You knew that
they want to know why

sometimes why
is just the end of the road
leading to water
in a metal coffin
at 40 miles per hour

sometimes you’d rather die with your kin
than bury them

For a second
I wished I were down there
wished whatever survivor instinct
kicked me in the gut
rendered me precious
and pushed me on out of that car
didn’t know you

we could all lay rest together

but auntie say
I must have a purpose
if I’m the one didn’t die

I don’t need no aunties tell me that

I’m on him
on him like kids on birthday party pizza
him and all the ones like him
I got you

and they ain’t gonna see me coming

Like a Superhero

Like love.

c. e. amato

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