Tuesday, 26 April 2011

25/30 - The Laugh Dream


so far :

seduced me
with your smart

overwhelmed me
with your sexy

delved me
in your deep

in the dream:

you kiss me mouth hello
this has not happened before
you have decided something

people notice

you get up on a stage
do scene with a woman

come sit down next to me
now you are wearing white terry cloth robe
tied with belt why
before I can whisper in your ear
‘we need to shoot that’
you kiss me again longer like you can
I look at you not knowing

gossips are internetting
yes there is definitely something going on around here
nobody told them

you bow your head down to me
for some of that good white girl understanding slowly
reluctantly place right palm on your head
give you what you have not asked for

now they are sure we have been secreting for a good long time

(what they are seeing is conception
not birth conception)

you raise your head
I must look at you with confusion
you say something
you say something so damn funny
poke hot air balloon wide open
make fun of us both right there so well with so few words
say in my voice
‘I seen your sexy – it don’t impress me like that’
and we laugh
we laugh teeth

that makes them angry

if we can laugh like that it’s fine

if we can laugh like that together it’s all fine

So OK.


let them say what they like

c. e. amato

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