Saturday, 16 April 2011

14/30 - In the Dream


In the dream
you sat across from me
table nice restaurant
some city

your hair died blonde
free and bouncy
skin flawless decade of stress
worry erased from your face
newscaster bright

I asked how you were
meaning that and also how
you the marriage was
and you said great
I believed it
because you did


At coffee
Radha says:
a relationship should make your life
easier, not harder
I said:
Oh wow really
seems I’ve been doing it all wrong


In the dream
Jaha says she has something for me
Come follow her
We go outside amidst children playing
in a landscape of dirt, twigs, and broken concrete
She tries pulling fabric from her bag
We never finish this gesture
We are inside kitchen
I am cooking her food
She says:
I had something for you


In the restaurant
across from you
I wondered
how you had finally gotten it right
how years of it all being so wrong
arrived at your happiness
it seemed a strange trick
it wasn’t you

It wasn’t
it was a dream
But in the dream
you were happy
and inexplicably blonde

I was happy for you.

c. e. amato

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