Monday, 11 April 2011

10/30 - Gangrene Cupcake (revised)


He looked at her like she was
a gangrene cupcake
knew he was gonna eat her
knew it would make him sick

her with her swirls of green icing
her peaks and grooves
her soft landing
her fluff

he wanted to bite into her
all 3 days of no shower and shave of him
he wanted to eat her with only his fangs
he wanted her crumbs under his fingernails
and then pick his teeth

he didn’t want her to survive this
didn’t think all the way about her poisons
he only knew she was temptress
seductress she was calling to him
screaming for him
harlot baked to die on his tongue
his hot beer and cigarette breath
the last thing she would ever smell

he knew he knew her like that
was sure of it
would stake her life on it.

he ravenous believes her dirty sexy
calls her slut as he peels back paper ruffle
from decaying green food colouring flesh
she auction blocked harlot to feed grim appetites
has no choice but to die ugly

he craves her with stingy stained hands
reduces her back to ingredients heats her sugar
on tarnished spoon til it runs brown alchemy
fix into his vein teeth grit against saturating
jolting transcendence of blissful consumptive

already he wants to bake her again
in his own filthy image
his green dahlia
she deserves exactly what she gets

he could tell
just by looking at her
what kind of a girl she was

she wasn’t the first
but she was a good one

he picks a worm from under fingernail
grinds it between his teeth

she was a good one.

c. e. amato

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