Tuesday, 5 April 2011

5/30 - Erasure Poem Miranda July's "No one belongs here more than you."

No One Belongs Here More Than You: StoriesI've been reading these Miranda July stories.  She is so captivating in this simple, charming way, but the stories are filled with deep melancholy - not at all precious.  I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen with the tone by doing an erasure.

Erasure Poem
Stories by Miranda July
(“The Man on the Stairs”
p. 37)

Leaning banister
Sifting Darkness

The man there breathing
Lo strong creak thrilling
Closer breathtakingly I forget

Care opened pants who cares
He half naked doorway
Darker than bedroom
blind adjust I hear him breathing
right in front of me.

Leaned feel his breath
Smell his good intentions
Women doubt everything
I expelled the powder of doubt
He pulled it into my eyes
I saw a stranger
Staring eyes furious

Away, I whispered.

c. e. amato

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