Saturday, 16 April 2011

16/30 - Hello Libya!

Hello Libya!

How do you like our metal?

The way the touch of steel
leads to mouthful of rust

The way it obliterates streets
translates love into dust

Do you trust us
to deliver you from the hands
of one tyrant to the teeth
of others?

Like Sugar Daddy with 3 wives
and 2 alimony payments
we are no good for you
we are overextended
bound to let you down
in your crucial moment

Are you absolutely sure that you need us

Think on it.  This is a lifetime decision.

Our abandonment could be your deliverance.

You might still make us tea
send us home with crust of yesterday’s bread
Let us wander your desert
GPS jammed from sandstorms in Qattara Depression
temperatures rising water no more than mythical

You could even Big Brother us
hidden-camera our spiraling downward
progression jerry-mander maps;
jury-rig compasses
it makes for such better coverage.

Our mirage
is like our all-terrain vehicles
that we were built for every topography

But Libya -- You
push the limits of survivability

Who knows –
maybe this time
we will not find our way home.

c. e. amato

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