Thursday, 14 April 2011

Practivist of the Week - YOU! Helping Ellyn Maybe get to GLASTONBURY!

First want to say THANK YOU - Jayne made her goal!  She's raised all the money she needs for her EP and travel!

Ellyn Maybe and her band have been invited to perform at Glastonbury this June.  Think bigger than Coachella.

Think HUGE (and muddy) music festival.  They are raising money for travel, accommodation, and the usual stuff people need, like food.  It's going to be really expensive to get there, but it is more than worth it.

They have set up a project on kickstarter to enable donations.

Says Ellyn:
Going to Glastonbury would be a true adventure for sure; it's epic!...[I]t's an incredible honor to be asked to play at... the largest music festival in the whole wide world!!!...Getting the chance to perform for devoted music lovers overseas in a completely different environment rocks...and [t]hat our work resonates so strongly is deeply touching.  

Ellyn has impressed talents as super-cool as Viggo Mortensen, Henry Rollins, Exene Cervenka, Jackson Browne, Greil Marcus and everybody who's ever seen her perform.

She has an unassuming way on the stage, but before you know it, she's woven you into her fragile and beautiful world.  A lot of poets attempt working with musicians, but Ellyn can get up on any stage, anywhere with any musicians and create a compelling song story.

Her poems make you cry with sadness and squeak with delight; she truly conveys what it is to be human.  This much talent should not have to raise its own money to get to perform -- help out!


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ellyn maybe said...

Hi everyone,
Our Kickstarter was unsuccessful but we are still able to receive donations on Paypal at or a check to me at P.O. Box 10363 Marina del Rey, CA 90295-6363.
You will get the same rewards you wuld have gotten on Kickstarter.
Performing at the Glastonbury Festival is an opportunity we just can't turn down but is extemely expensive so your support is most appreciated! :) Much love, Ellyn