Tuesday, 26 April 2011

26/30 - Best Friends


Inside my belly
lives a 6-year old
exuberant dark-haired
pig-tailed girl

I never met before

I know her now
because every time she thinks
I am going to see you

She starts jumping up and down
excitedly getting ready to run out

When we see you
she jumps out of my belly
hair bouncing
face smiling

Did you know
there is a really cute and sweet
6-year old boy who lives in your belly?

He jumps out smiling, too
She grabs his hand
They run off

They couldn’t be happier

We stand awkwardly
I stare off at her
I don’t know if you even see him

They don’t seem to need us
They don’t care that we don’t know
what to say to each other
or what to do

They only know
they were born to match
My spirit
and yours
they are best friends
they run and jump together
always holding hands
never breaking bonds
they are giggles and puddles
and rolling down grassy hills

They do not notice our cement
our look-aways
our unable to express

When called
She comes back reluctantly
they know it is time to go
She will jump back in my belly
and as I walk away
I can feel her telling me
this is not the way home.

c. e. amato

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