Sunday, 24 April 2011

22/30 - Write Me


strip me back naked
words your only tools
find me thesis topic sentence
line break

I want you
to write me

this lack of distance
myopiates my vision
renders efforts meaningless

but you
you could say what I mean
you could see through saran wrap
designed to burn flesh from these round hips
your vision of me could just be 20/20

I am not asking to be muse
just mirror me real time portrait
with flaws
show me my sentence
you know how to do this
you have literary prowess
truth me in black and white
proof me no edits

I am adrift in a sea of metaphor
fish me out
dry me off
set me down on a firm bed of
simple subject verb predicate

It gets so flowery out here sometimes
especially in spring
what I am craving is straight up meaning
If necessary go back to cave painting

As long as the weight of things
stops getting lost in translation

Write me Marilyn’s suicide note
Write me confession of JFK’s assassin
Write me the mind of an Israeli soldier
Write me everything I can’t grasp

This whirl is too much
Gravity is losing the center
I have lost perspective

So write me
you who really see
I beg your clarity
for something longer than a haiku
less arduous than sonnet
write me

one good solid paragraph

that’s all I ask

even one stanza of my obituary

something I can read
and understand
minus mental gymnastics
unreliable narrators
self-serving commentary
selective memory

Write me true reflection
like the first time
you saw your face in a lake
clear fresh wonder

Write me that
if you can if you will
write me trust exercise
fall and catch me with your words
I will submit to your precision

then watch me
and see if I bloom
in the eyes of your truth.

c. e. amato

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