Tuesday, 19 April 2011

17/30 - Voice


as my fingertips caress
keypad after keypad
with perfect sensitivity
connecting neurons to syntax

am I losing my voice

do you hear these taps
or do you kiss them braille
is the voice in my head just
morse code now
click tap click tap
a nicholas brothers solo
where once was billie holiday moan

can you hear me now

are we so over-identified
with sight
we have quietly forgotten
how to listen

no I am not scared
evolution is necessary by definition
fighting it
that is for cowards

but can you tweet me a lullaby
post me a sigh
tag me the way your breath quickens
in the presence of your beloved

we were given more senses than this
the heartbeat is not the only rhythm
speaking connects breath to vibration

mini-skirting intimacy
only temporary tattoo on that place
between shoulder and bare neck
that desires outbreath and touch together

we spring from one language
died generations to turn clicks
into phonemes into meaning
just to turn them back to clicks

remember to hug real time
sing whenever the occasion presents
use minutes for listening
smile broadly upon meeting friend

in truth
we are only as good
as we are up close

even and especially
those of us
who click-tap-click
for our supper
need to save some room
for dessert.

c. e. amato

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