Thursday, 21 April 2011

20/30 - Call Me Kate

Call me Kate

I am scared but receptive
I am a merger in the form of a body
I am not your mother’s princess

I am as perfect as normal allows
I am alright with the primping and preening
I even like the photo spreads
I am my mother’s princess

I strive for meta-normal
neither boring nor enticing
neither affectionate nor detached
too much grace or wit
can be dangerous

I will be wife mother
daughter I will always know my role
each room will tell me
each house has a script

I will not be sacrificed on any altar
as I will not totter in my heels
or slouch under weight of robes
I am a tiara

Make no mistake
I am not an agenda
nor anyone’s idea of
what has come before
or what must need be now

I will grow old with certitude
of events running as they should
of needs being consistently met
of the glory of the honoured bargain

How many people
get to say that

c. e. amato

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