Friday, 25 April 2014

NaPoWriMo 25/30 - How I Live Now = Day 26 Prompt

How I Live Now

When you find them
the mystical creatures
who believe in magic
because they make it real
believe in love
because what else
believe in you because love
make you love because safe
and because why not

you  have found it
that elusive home
the one you were
already supposedly born into yet
unceremoniously ejected from

to find this one
the here now
the stay

When you are pulled from it
by the paternalistic knife blade
of the long con that called itself home
which you now know to be
like healthy tooth from root
as if rescue mission
like Israelis
saving Ethiopian Jews only
to bring them home
where they will make up the new
lowest caste forever

When this happens
you are dead
but still living
when this happens you survive
in spite of survival
you lock memories
in a tank guarded  by
angry gun-toting extremists
hold just one note
a tiny timbre
of what was
and what will be
hold it close
locket it in heart
close around it
like grenade

and wait

When all you can do is wait
you wait
and then wait
and then wait
as long as it takes
carefully guarding
the seed called home
till you can return it
to fertile soil



I don't really know if this is in response to yesterday's prompt.  It is definitely in response to just having read How I Live Now.

So close to the end of NaPoWriMo and National Poetry Month!   I've put a PDF version of 5 here --- you can download it FREE (the read option doesn't seem to work so well).

DAY 26 PROMPT: Weapon of Choice

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