Monday, 14 April 2014

NaPoWriMo 14/30 - Tiny Dancer + Prompt for Day 15

Tiny Dancer

Wind the brass key
lift the satin top
ballerina pops upright
her dance in pink
mirrored from behind
and in your eyes

this is girl wonder
maybe the first
as she twirls
her toe shoes turn to skates
she glides from her platform
her dress becomes ice blue
matches the lake
she floats on blades
her turns looser and freer
her extension elongated by speed
her arms flow like wings
her heart beats with the winter breeze
the smile tastes of frost and freedom
her dance is airborne
weightless elegance
full expression of existence
she expands in air
becomes one thousand snowflakes
falling gently tumbling lightly grazing
boughs of trees
she lands softly
her dress green
tree fairy
seeking sisters
of all colours
they sleep in flowers
I am told
enfold themselves
in wonder and magic
live inside a child’s eyes

until she closes the box
until next time.


From a prompt:  

(and also inspired by a certain 5 year old)

DAY 15 PROMPT:  When Everything Comes Together

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