Tuesday, 8 April 2014

NaPoWriMo 8/30 - The Lost Language of Wrong Decisions + Day 10 Prompt!

The Lost Language of Wrong Decisions


She tells weather by placing her palm 
on morning window pane and
by mapping the flecks of light
in his eyes


He found her behind a Secret Door
to a hidden library
he likes to say
he took her down from a shelf 
and opened her
but in truth
she was decoding
the mysteries of the Voynich
when he caught her eye
in the amber light


She keeps ancient wisdom
in her fingertips
heals blood of centuries
with her eyes

had been so thoroughly
read catalogued parsed
gently conserved and restored
in all her lifetimes

She yielded
to this greater light


They decrypted each other.

He so long unopened.
She so oft misinterpreted.

They concocted each other's potions;
Illuminated each other’s manuscripts.


Joy overwhelmed him
Radiance shone him
Magnificence walked with him

He could not believe his good fortune
In fact he did not believe in good fortune
Happiness was a luxury
not afforded to scholars
dreamers lovers

He closed her
put her back on the shelf
he fancied he’d found her
pulled her card from the catalogue

tucked it in his pocket.


She had always loathed the spooky stacks
Now she found herself embarrassingly 
mis-shelved crammed between La Morte 
D’Arthur and One-thousand and One 
Arabian Nights

For a long time
she waited
tried to sleep
sleep wouldn’t come
amid the incessant chatter
of her neighbors

she began to realize
she was dead
another volume lost
to the fires at Alexandria


Now that she was carefully archived
he turned himself down
until he emanated no light at all
but began to suck it from the ones
who never thought much of him anyway

He would go on like this
For as long as
Life is not a mystery
it is science – biochemical processes-
social Darwinism
and filled with misery
as it should be
always has been

He had understood.


Fingertips probed a thin volume
sandwiched on a shelf
with a tug it came loose
its salt-stained pages
fanning fireflies of knowledge
into the musty expanse.



Prompt for Day 9: Things I've Never Worn

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