Wednesday, 23 April 2014

NaPoWriMo 23/30 - Untitled + Day 24 Prompt

These unlikely vessels
pouring grammar
of beauty and light
from the mouth of
a cracked jug

if media is message
what the body
what the actions

is it the words

the work

the work must need
be done

or must it

is the saying enough

when the cracked vessel
speaks of perfection
est-ce qu’il faut que
nous faissions attention

shall we listen?

the vessel is leaking
the ship is sinking
the string quartet
plays genius as elegy
to our discernment

better to listen to those 
with hardened hands
softened souls
open hearts
dexterous minds
lives without leaks

why are we so keen
to hitch ride-alongs
on these sinking ships


Okay, it's true…I went away.  Not sure if I want to post 21 and 22.  And I missed giving prompts.  Life happens.


PROMPT FOR DAY 24:  Your magic word.

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