Saturday, 5 April 2014

NaPoWriMo 5/30 - Ode to the Body and Day 6 Prompt

Ode to the Body

there is knowing in here
can’t be bought
nor sold, neither

the choreography of a life
resides in muscle
hand curve on worn-smooth barre
thumb on top gently is the way
toes lead through rosin resistance
to pointe chin up shoulders down
collar bone
she still knows

the body is a ribbon of time

some visitors become part
of your architecture
sculpting pleasure
inside the permanent record
of DNA
they stay

some days
you call their name
just to know
that they are there

some days
the sun is the only one
to kiss this skin

lucky sun

some days
the skin will not contain
what is within

the body is a ribbon of time

our most reliable fallible
time-travel device

but what can hold
all that living
without overflowing
every once in a while


Prompt for Day 6:  The Universe of Longing

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