Monday, 9 December 2013

Quote of the Week - Conaway

"Am I living what I know?"

So wow!

Lately I've been feeling like I'm living in a time bubble between what was before and what is to come.  (Sure - we're always in this bubble - it's called the present, but that's not exactly what I'm going for here.)

There was someone who was me, did a bunch of things and learned a bunch of things.  There's someone who is me who wants to do a bunch of things, stop doing a bunch of things, has been a bunch of places, but wants to be different places…in between is now.  It's uncomfortable, but has the potential to move toward a perfect fit.  When I read this article and saw this question, I knew that it was articulating the ignition of what I was feeling.

We learn a lot, but sometimes we don't stop to process it or implement it.  So we keep making choices based on who we were and what we knew before.  Sometimes, we fling our lives in the direction of things we once wanted, but are no longer desirable to us in any way.  We just get caught up in the momentum of having wanted them.  Somewhere we know that what we we are doing is based on what we used to know and who we used to be, but we just won't tell ourselves that.

Being who we are now and acting on what we know now not only demands throwing over a whole lot of automated responses, it requires real courage and force of character.  But it will no doubt bring you a better life - the one you actually want.

Leave space for it.

Are you living what you know?

I think that's a good prompt for a Monday!

This whole article on The Good Men Project is worth a read and consideration.

And here's a happy Monday moment:

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