Saturday, 28 December 2013

Year End Giving 2013

I know you.  You like to give.  You don't have the most money, but you like to share.  You contribute to your friends' Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns.  You volunteer at the holidays.

Downtown Women's Center

Shelter and positive support for women.


Best radio station in the world?  Maybe.  You know you listen.  Time to donate?

No Kid Hungry

Meals for kids.  There's a handy button on the right of this page if you want to click and give.

Playa Summer Lake 

Support artists in residence at this oasis of quiet and beauty.

Union of Concerned Scientists 

Science in service of sustainability!

You can also support the Zestyverse.

By subscribing or by making a one-time donation.  There are some handy buttons on the right ------>

We appreciate your readership and your support and look forward to being even zestier in 2014!

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