Friday, 6 December 2013

My Science Crush

Oh…I have to say, I have a huge science crush.  Well, I have a lot.  But at the moment, I'm re-crushing hard on Dr. Jacob Bronowski.  I've just watched the final episode in his Ascent of Man series (you can pretty much get them all on YouTube) and I want to walk around in his brain for a good long while!

Episode 13 is something everyone should watch.  Truly.  It's prophetic - filmed in 1973 (yeah - filmed) and it lays it out the changes we need to see, the ways we need to modify behaviour, the relationship of science to government (climate change, censorship and privacy concerns, anyone?), and the need to democratize intellect.  I want to quote the whole show!


Here's an earlier post on Bronowski, too.

Photo of petroglyphs in Central Oregon by E. Amato

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