Monday, 30 December 2013

Quote of the Week - Pasquesi

"Improvisation is itself an exercise of faith.  In faith of improvisation. That if I do the next tiny thing, all will be fine." 
~ David Pasquesi

Sometimes I think too much.  Sometimes I think that I need to make big, bold maneuvers, when actually, sometimes it is enough to think in the direction of a goal, or move slightly, shift energy in a direction that seems good.  The thing that's easy to forget is that it's always a series of small actions that create events.  It's good to have a larger plan, or a focus, but you can't usually get there in one huge leap.

Yes, this quote is about acting, but the deeper I go into things, the more I realize, being good at anything, including life, operates within the same principles. In tennis they teach you to keep moving your feet, be on balance, to make tiny adjustments that let you align with the ball.  Waiting to see where the ball is going to go means you are late to meet it and are often on the back foot.  Your power is behind you, not behind the ball. Small steps keep you ready to respond - you don't have to think about moving - you're already moving - you just have to hit the ball.

It's often when I remember to take the tiny step that I find myself in alignment, when there is momentum instead of friction, when my force is multiplied by circumstance and when I don't fall exhausted in a heap from all the grand gesturing.

I'm going to try to remember this one every day.

And now I'm off to do tiny things.

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