Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Giving IndieStyle - Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Hello Hello!

Let's do this again!  

Put your dollars into great and fun gifts for friends, family, or even yourself while supporting independent artists, projects and businesses!

This year we are spotlighting these:

Kcymaerxthaere - Please Don't Connect the Dots

What if I told you I knew someone who had an alternate universe?  Right here, inside our own universe?  And that he's manifesting that universe as we speak?  Well, I do! And the latest manifestation is the Please Don't Connect the Dots activity book!  Yes, this is an IndieGoGo campaign, so technically it's a donation, but check out the awesome perks - and they should all be delivered on time for Christmas!  

Just HURRY - the campaign ends on December 17th!  

Chris Faroe

Chris Faroe is a talented artist and super cool person!  On his website you can listen and download his music, and also check out the amazing gifts he is offering like a 6-month art postcard subscription sent directly to you or your giftee.  You've got amazing mail!

K. Anderson

One of our favorites - K. Anderson has put out a new EP this year.  I love the songs on this - one of them has even inspired a screenplay!  She's also got some amazing merch with illustrations by Joanna Layla!  

Paisley Sockwear

It's no secret I have a thing for socks - I've got friends with great sock collections who won't leave me alone with their sock drawer! - but, seriously, who doesn't like socks?

These are my current favorite --  Paisley Sockwear designs are so fun you won't want to hide them under your pants!  They'd probably make the most amazing sock puppets, too!


Not enough ideas?  Can't find that perfect gift?  Check out the 2012 guide, too!  And the "Partners, friends and community" links on the right have lots of indie businesses, like the Brat Store, Reciprocity, Breathe Bodyworks and more - many of them have amazing stuff!

Our friends at The Conscience Collective have put out quite a dazzling gift guide, as well!

If you're going to any parties (of course you are!) or giving any, check out our posts on being a great guest and Top 10 Tips for Hosting!

Everyone here is donating their time, talent and taste - if you want to contribute to keep the Zestyverse going, there's a handy little donate button on the top right!  Thanks!

Wishing you a warm, lovely, prosperous and healthy 2014!

P.S.  If you're trying to get your script in shape before the clock strikes midnight on NYE - there's a special on script consultations through December 31st - book before the year ends and you get 50% off!  Just check out the Coaching/Consulting page for details!

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