Saturday, 10 July 2010

Yum Chronicles #3

Ooooooh yummmmmEEEEEEE!  On Melrose, which now seems to have a lot of great eateries!  

This is not the typical LA faux-healthy but essentially (vegan) junk food place.  This is real food, fresh ingredients, nice atmosphere, lovely people.  And costs the same as the other ones.  

Thanks, Alfie for this one!

The Knack and How to Get It

Watched this 60’s Brit flick on Hulu.  It’s a staple of American Cinematheque’s Mods & Rockers series, but I’d never seen it.  How fun!  

Richard Lester is genius at making cinema feel pliable and fresh.  Young Michael Crawford, distinctly un-Phantom-like and Donal Donnelly.  

It had overtones of Jules et Jim, which surprised me – especialement the bed sequence which was absolutely delightful.  Film has lost its innocence and its sense of play.  We could do well to get some back.

Thought this shot was gorgeous:

Earl Grey Ice Cream

Finally test drove Sweet Rose Creamery!  Double-scoop salted caramel and Earl Grey.  I had already tried the salted Caramel, but the Earl Grey was a revelation.  I love this place.  It feels very New England.  And it was packed.  Anticipate lines as it gets hotter.

Hollywood Bowl

My friend Tara texted and emailed me late on Tuesday afternoon – did I want to go to the Hollywood Bowl?  It’s my policy to never turn down an invitation to the Bowl if possible. 

It took me years of living in Los Angeles to go my first time.  Once I went, I went back as often as possible.  Pack a picnic or just visit Trader Joe’s – you can bring in bottles of wine! 

The Hollywood Bowl is one of the few places in the world – perhaps the only place, really – that everyone is in a good mood every time you go.  For this alone, it’s an unparalleled experience.

We went to see the LA Philharmonic do a classical program.  Haydn, Vivaldi (yawn), Poulenc, and Handel.  They closed out with the Hallelujah Chorus to FIREWORKS! 

Hallelujah – BOOM – FLASH – SPARKLE

Hallelujah – BOOM – FLASH – SPARKLE

Hallelujah – BOOM – FLASH – SPARKLE

Yup.  Just like that from behind the bandshell.  I didn’t realize how involved Frank Gehry had been in the redesign.  There was a tribute to recently passed Ernest Fleischmann.  While not a follower of the LA Phil, I am always inspired by people of vision and courage.  He clearly was one.

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