Saturday, 17 July 2010

Yum 4

Okay – I admit it – the heatwave has sapped my energy and enthusiasm, but I’m fighting through it. Here are this week’s Things That Make You Go Yum!

I’ve been meaning to post how much I <3 Yogurtland.  However, the sad fact is, that I have had to go cold turkey on this mutha.  The thing is, in talks with Alfie and web searches, it was revealed that my beloved Yogurtland uses high fructose corn syrup in their product!  This was devastating for me.  I swore off the stuff several years ago.  I mostly eat natural, unprocessed foods, and was surprised to learn how many places it was hiding in my diet anyway.  I don’t know if I can stay away from Yogurtland.  It’s cheap, it’s cold and it’s open late.  I do know that I’ve had tummy aches after eating there.  I realize now that I’m not good with all those unnatural ingredients.  If you’re okay with all that, then you know, head to Yogurtland, but perhaps a better option is…

OMG – how long it took me to discover this place!  I used to live down the street from it, but I didn’t quite get what it was.  Now I have mad cravings for it from across oceans.  This is the most scintillating ice cream you will ever encounter.  The flavours sound like story books and the taste is an aphrodisiac.  My usual is rosewater saffron – where else do you find those flavours?  But this last time I went with new flavours:  Turkish Coffee and Pumpkin.  Maybe not the typical summer night choices, but both rich and redolent.  I think the Turkish Coffee rivals Sweet Rose Creamery’s Caffe Luxxe coffee.  If you’re in LA – visit.  If you’re not, I’m afraid I can’t do anything for you.

Envirosax Origami Pattern Reusable Bags - Set of 5 in PouchWhen mini-fashionista Naomi (she’s 10) said she liked my bag, I knew the times were a-changing.  I remember when I was a snooty b*tch who refused to tote around a carrier bag.  A year in London changed that for sure.  You get some serious looks if you are not presenting your personal re-usable bags at the register.  New York, too.  Tesco will throw some bags at you, and Trader Joe’s is cool with their paper bags, but anyplace else, you better ante up.  My friend R is a big reuse, recycle type person.  A couple of gifts ago, she got me a bag like hers.  She  has millions of Envirosax – they appear from every nook and cranny – in all kinds of patterns.  They are light to carry and you can colour-coordinate them, cause they come in all different patterns.  They have saved my life and the lives of others many times.  They are a great option for carrying the computer when I don’t want to have the heavy computer bag.  And sometimes, I just use it as a purse.  Lots of places offer small discounts for bringing your own bag, too – just ask!

So – can’t believe it took me tl now to get there, but what a great and fun thing!  First Wednesday of the month at the Greenway Court Theatre.  It’s basically an open mic for actors.  Hosted by In-Q, with DJ Brutha Gimel, live painters and actors putting up scenes and monologues, short films and film clips.  Check it out!

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