Saturday, 3 July 2010

Things That Make You Go Yum #2

Friday!  Time for installment #2 of Things That Make You Go Yum!

Really – it’s things that make me go yum.

I was told by countless people I would like this place.  When a friend came to town, I went and was not completely impressed.  I ordered the Chilaquiles, which were very non-traditional, and couldn’t hold a candle to Swingers’ version.  

I sensed it was worth another try.  Had a meeting there – the other person had also been told how good it was – and ordered the Veggie Curry Bowl.  It was absolutely transformative.  A spicy, coconut curry with their fantastic rice and shitake mushrooms, tofu and vegetables.  Went back a few days later and got one of their salads.  It was not as amazing as the Veggie Curry Bowl, but it was super-good.  We also went for the lavender crème brulee – light and fresh.  They have good coffee, an adjacent café that serves gelato and wifi!  Organic, veggie/vegan friendly.

Probably I’ve blogged about Rahel’s before.  LA’s own vegan Ethiopian restaurant, it has just expanded and now boasts a daily all-you-can-eat buffet – currently priced at $9.99.  This is pretty much a weekly destination for us.  Us – well, an ever-slightly-rotating cast, but the veggies who dig alternative cuisine, the vegan-friendly foodies, and the poets and artists around town.  I went with Carla this week and her b.f. came, and another friend of ours, and when we got there, they sat us next to some other friends.  All in all, we were 6 people but representing 1 MC, 4 poets, 3 dancers, 1 DJ, a musician, and a few singers. 

But the food is the thing.  Always fresh, always flavorful.  A lot of the favorite options – Split lentils, chick pea stew, greens.  I don’t even like cabbage, but their cabbage is fantastic.  The injera is great and they also have rice and bulgar available.  You get soup or salad, too.
My fave thing is Telba - a drink made almost entirely of flax seed.  It tastes like if you put shredded wheat and milk into a blender and then sucked it up through a straw.  Yum.  And super-healthy!

Nice people. nice place, amazing photograpsh on the wall.

See you Monday!  ; )

I love this place.  I totally do.  For a long time it wa the only place in LA I could get the “exotic” foods I loved – from Walker’s shortbread, to red bush teas, to rice noodles, to scone mix.  It’s true that L.A.  has changed and there are places to get all these things, but strolling around World Market is always a good time.  My friend G and I have closed down the place on several occasions, wandering in around 8:30 and then having them wait for us to finish browsing after they are closed at 9pm.

What do you get when you mix Elbow, Iron & Wine, and Eels?

I think you get Noah and the Whale. 

About a year ago, I was in Rough Trade Records for my first time.  It was such a good day – I listened to just about every CD they had available.  When I saw the name “Noah and the Whale” I had a rush of excitement as my inner film geek said – “Hey, wait a minute – can that possibly be a combo of one of my favorite-ever indie movies The Squid and the Whale, and its director, Noah Baumbach?  I think it is…”

Right – so if you’re one of those people who though The Squid and the Whale was one of the most annoying movies ever, perhaps this album will  not be to your liking.

As I listened in Rought Trade, I knew I wanted the Noah and the Whale CD, but finances being what they were, I figured I’d download it.  My iTunes account went dead on me for a few months for no good reason, and wouldn’t let me get at the credit I had in there, but I tried again a few weeks ago.  I downloaded The First Days of Spring, and I’ve been listening to this album daily since.

It's beautiful and makes my day and I just keep hitting replay.

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