Sunday, 13 January 2013

Quote of the Week - Holzer

"Money creates taste." 
- Jenny Holzer

One of my favorite artists.  This slogan popped into my head this morning.  Holzer was completely ahead of the curve as an artist, activist, feminist, and social deconstructionist (yeah - I just made that up right now, I think.  Hopefully you get what I mean; hope I didn't steal it.)

Totally worth looking into her work.  It is the pithiest social commentary you can find.  It is life-affirming and supportive.  It lets you let go and just be.  At least, it does me.

It's even freeing as a consumer - it tells you that your money has as much power as their money, if you use it in line with your core.

It's also a great reminder of how simple art and activism and putting your energy towards social progression can be when you are clear in your purpose.

Happy Monday!

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