Sunday, 14 October 2012

Quote of the Week - Rosemurgy

“Having a core is to the apple
what having a core is to the body,
city, method, circumstances, endeavor.
Having a core is flower-shaped and hurts
in the way that having a shape hurts, which is to say
it hurts ironically, because to have limits
is not just to make a declaration upon a mountainside,
it is also to be the mountainside.”

All Objects Reveal Something about the Body
(thanks to Katelyn Lucas)
I had this moment, a few weeks ago, writing, where the word that just demanded me was "core."  It just insisted.  It was a clear message - I was neglecting my core.  I've always found Pilates super dull, but a girl has to keep her core strong in this world.  How else to extend outward?  Every dancer knows that.  I know that.  Somewhere, I lost it.

When you say core you are not just evoking our physical core - there is the core of our spirit, our core reasons for existing, the core is the place purpose springs from and the place that replenishes love.  It's where centre comes from and it's where chi resides.

Then this quote showed up on Katelyn's FB status and hit me.  I'd never heard of the writer, but I knew she was speaking to me.  That's what poetry does. It hits you in the core if it's the real.

Respect what comes from your core; respect what resounds within it. Strengthen it.  Build a fence around it if you have to, cause some people are coreless and will come try to take advantage of yours.  Let the right ones in, though, and get friendly with crunches.  ; )

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