Saturday, 13 October 2012

Benjamin Button Backwards

Wow.  Things have really spun out the last 4 months.  And not in a good way!

I had to have a check in.  Look what I found:

Things to Remember in 2012

1.  Let go

2.  Relax

3.  Consider the source

4.  Work less

5.  Check actions with short and long-term goals

6.  Let it come to you

7.  Leave space

8.  Release the outcome

9.  Learn time

10. Allow the new; let the old fall away.

I am pretty sure I mighta posted these already at the beginning of the year.  Looking back at this list, I have to wonder if I didn't manage to devise some obstacles to get me back on track with some of these goals - apparently, I was slacking.  If so, I'm pretty harsh - I can manifest like a Muthafucka - cause I created some seriously tough stuff that has forced me into a place of doing the 10 things on this list.

So now - I gotta reverse the flow.  Cause it's felt like Benjamin Button* backwards this whole time.  So now I'm idling in neutral, seeing how I can put this thing back in gear.  

*Note - yeah, I haven't actually seen that whole movie, nor read it, but I get the idea.  Anyway, maybe I don't wanna know the end...

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