Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Missing Nancy Botwin

OMG.  No more Nancy Botwin.

Am I gonna have to grow up now?

Cause, see, no matter how curious my choices were, or - to some people - questionable, I could always tune into Weeds and watch Nancy make some exponentially unsound choices that made mine look like kindergarten drawings to her Rembrandts.  She knew how to f*ck some sh*t up.  For real.

Indestructible as a cartoon character, with mad Cali style - Nancy knew when to take sh*t and when to give it. (Yeah - I have totally not mastered that.)  Somehow managing to be sexy in every situation, whether she was doing a brick dance or being the new mom setting up her husband to take a huge fall.

Just finished watching Season 8, which was pretty great. As unreal as some of the plotlines could feel, the characters seemed to get much realer.  There were some awkward moments that felt ripped out of my own recent life, where I was literally like, "oh....maybe I shouldn't have said that..."

As her life is crumbling around her (again) someone close to her tells her she'll be fine and she's so strong, which makes her look like she's going to disintegrate right there onto the ground.  (In case you didn't know - not helpful - really not.  We know we'll be fine and we're strong.  It's everything in between now and then we're gonna hate like hell, and the becoming even stronger that makes it all awful - no one wants to be that strong and fine - it's a totally isolating universe unto itself.)

I'm not sure where I"ll get my dose of "Oh no, she didn't," but I'm thinking Carrie (Claire Danes) in Homeland.

Her own special kinda brilliant cray cray

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