Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Lime Polenta Cake Choice

When things cascade from bad to worse, when random vibrates into chaos, you start looking for some kind of styptic pencil to stem the universal flow and shift its tide.

According to my new friend J, this came in the form of lime polenta cake.

After a long conversation and meeting through friends, we ran off to get half-price salads before closing at a vegetarian place.  When they were out of salads, we floundered and wandered around the hipster foodiehood looking for something for him and his partner to have for dinner.  We ended up in a kind of posh market and both sort of fixated on the lime polenta cake.  J had resolved to have only salads after his long holiday of overeating.  Cake for dinner seemed wrong.  We left with nothing but confusion.  Walked out of the place, onto the road, stopped, looked at each other.

 Lime polenta cake?  Yeah.

We walked back in.  Bought a piece to share before dinner and a pre-dinner piece of cheesecake for our friend.  J decided to note the importance of the moment.  He said the lime polenta cake was the turning point.  Making a choice for no reason other than that's the choice you want to make.  Not caring about it being wrong or full of sugar, or not dinner.  Going with the epicurean call, just being spontaneous.

I'm hopeful that the lime polenta cake moment was defining.  That it will stem the flow of bad juju and turn it into powerful mojo.  A kind of karmic changing of seasons.  Yeah, that'd be good.

This recipe looks a lot like the one we wasn't perfect, but it was worth it, still!

Since I prematurely need a new laptop (part of the whole chaos issue), I'm pushing my new little Kindle book hard!  $1.99 for poems and pix from Morocco.  It'd be happy if you bought it.  : )

No quote this week.  Became obsessed with finding this quote I saw, then couldn't locate it and now no quote is good enough.  Take the lime polenta cake story as your quote of the week instead?

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