Friday, 25 November 2011

(Un)Occupy Black Friday + Shopping Guide (Part 1)

Though I think applying "Occupy" to things as a cultural trend has jumped the shark (already?  yup, already), I'm gonna use it here just this one more time.

What if you don't go shopping for the sales the day after Thanksgiving (thus the Un- prefix)?  What if you don't put more money into the accounts of the 1%?  Just a thought.

What would that look like?  Not buying electronics made overseas by people getting paid less than our hourly minimum wage for a day's work.  Not lining up for more STUFF that you probably don't need and don't have room for (see my blog on decluttering if you need to).  Not buying presents that are easily interchangeable with the next thing on the shelf.

The sale myth is a tough one.  Spend money you weren't going to spend because it's on sale.  Right.  Or you could just buy what you love or what you really need, or gift something to someone that they will truly appreciate.

Wait - you want IDEAS?

Oh, alright.

The Alternative to Corporate Black Friday Shopping Guide.

The Night Goes On All Night


Okay - fair warning, I might just be associated with the following books in some manner...

THE NIGHT GOES ON ALL NIGHT - "Just released from Ain’t Got No Press is “The Night Goes On All Night”…an anthology of noir-inspired poems, edited by Rick Lupert and published in conjunction with the Los Angeles Poetry Festival’s “Night and the City” Noir Festival. " - Poetry Superhighway  P.S.  There are lots of other great books by independent authors in the PSH Bookstore!

FROSTBITTEN - Mark Walton's collection of beautifully crafted poems is insightful and affecting.

SWIMMING THROUGH AMBER - E. Amato's first collection of poetry - oh, yeah, you know already.

WHAT LANGUAGE IS - John McWhorter's latest book lets us peek into the form, function and evolution of language in ways that give us a look at ourselves and how we function in society.

BEYOND BAROQUE has a bookstore!  How amazing is that?  A 501C3 not-for-profit, BB is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting Los Angeles poetry and supporting the community.  Not only can you shop in the bookstore, but you could purchase a membership for yourself or someone else.  The benefits are fantastic!

(Some of the links are via Amazon.  That's gonna have to be okay.)

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