Thursday, 10 November 2011

The New Season

I always try to watch at least one episode of every new show.  That said, this year was a challenge.

Shows I did not make it through even one episode:

Pan Am (she's a stewardess - no she's a spy! yeah, no.)
Charlie's Angels (oops - bye bye)
New Girl (yeah, I know it's a hit, but it's just so earnestly quirky, yet falling into an exact formula)

Shows I didn't care about but watched all the way through:

Person of Interest (disappointed, might try it again)
Prime Suspect (disappointed, won't try it again)

Shows I watched and might watch again:

Once Upon A Time - In typical ABC fashion, this one's by the book.  In every way.  A little flat, a little silly, some excellent actors wasted so far, some cheesy effects (some good ones).  Hovering somewhere between Disney and not Disney, it has a lot of options, but isn't choosing them.

Have been rewatching Twin Peaks - Ginnifer Goodwin and Sherilyn Fenn - separated at birth?

Shows I so far like:

Revenge  - I know - nighttime soap opera, but hello, Madeline Stowe?  Can't not watch.

Grimm - Yes.  They get this one right.  Very promising.  (Have since watched second episode.  Not as good, starting to feel like a procedural, but think they will pull it back from the brink.)

Boss - Wow.  Am I gonna have to subscribe to Starz to get this?  This show - from opening credits to last image is a watcher.  Gus Van Sant seems to bring a base level of truth telling to this show, Kelsey Grammar has found a part he can use all his best instincts to play, and the twists are good.  It's threatening Wire territory - as much as any non-HBO show could.

American Horror Story - Pilot was fantastic, dipped in episode 2, and back in episode 3.  Episode 4 was solid, though I feel like they are already losing pieces of their story having thrown too much in the mix.  Killer casting.  Scary, sexy, and fun.  Has Dylan McDermott finally found the right series?  Will the show stay on track or derail (like Nip/Tuck, and Glee)? Tune in next week for more goth goofiness and fantastic scenery-chewing battles between Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy.

Alphas lost me around episode 4, I think.  Still, I have hope the writers might bring it back.  It's a great concept.  (I don't know if that really counts as this season - SyFy's seasons seem to run a bit counter to network, but it's new to me!)

If I watched more than this, then, well, I forgot them completely (like Unforgettable, which was, um, not).  So either they weren't really bad, or notable in any way.  Those are probably the ones that'll run the most seasons.

I'm still in love with Community and think it's the most under-rated show out there.  I gave Glee another try, but lost interest, as I did mid-last season.  Still, I'm glad it's there to tune into when I feel like it.

Anyway, don't take my word - here's a second opinion on the season.

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