Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Twin Peaks Redux

I've finished rewatching all the episodes of Twin Peaks which is streaming on Netflix.

I find it more compelling than when I originally watched it, and much much more fun.  The first season is full of cinematic mastery.  The second season falters and is uneven, but still has brilliance.

David Lynch seems to have bestowed Agent Cooper with all of his predilections, which shake down as coffee, pie, and eastern philosophy.  Watching the show makes me want coffee at odd hours and makes hungry for pie (I don't like pie).

Lynch offers a profound exploration of the male heart and psyche through his dark detour in the evil that men do.  It is a gift, really, to have this range of characters to follow through the strange journeys he sets up for them.

It was nice to see that many episodes were directed by women.

Tim Hunter also directed several episodes.  The image of Laura Palmer by the river wrapped in plastic has always made me think of his great movie River's Edge.

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