Monday, 10 November 2014

Quote of the Week - Nichols

“A movie is like a person. Either you trust it or you don’t.”
~ Mike Nichols
And how could anyone not trust a Mike Nichol's film

Yet, we are in a sea of popular culture of questionable motivations, portrayals and representations. How do we know what to trust? 

It's hard to let things inspire and entertain when they seem to have dubious origins.

What we keep missing is context. We are global, permeable, and our reach is ever-expanding. Our understanding lags behind, as we do not always have the ability anymore to identify the source. One day it's everyone posting a video that is supposed to be feminist and empowering towards women, and two days later everyone is posting articles about the inherent racism in that video.

Who to trust?

We are sadly in need of context. Thankfully, Jon Stewart is on hand to give us some.


Nancy Lee Sayre said...

Love that Mike Nichols quote! Has anyone read "Pictures at a Revolution?"

E. Amato said...

Thanks - no, I haven't read it.