Sunday, 23 November 2014

Quote of the Week - Beres

"Our triggers do not magically disappear. We are just able to slow down the time between action and reaction, much like Neo in The Matrix observing bullets in slow motion. At such a speed, we have the ability to decide how to react, instead of feeling the fight and flight reaction rise in a split second. Over time, this changes not only our reactions, but our actions as well. That’s when our world really has an opportunity to change for the better."

Oh, triggers. How they abound.  FB feels like nothing more than a trigger factory to me. Every other post sets off a different trigger from a different angle and they all seem to demand response right now.

But there are so many better things to do with time than respond with a quick hip draw to a poorly-reasoned status update. There is real work to do that not only eliminate the triggers from inside, but also helps to eradicate them in society.  Staying focused on that in a social media barrage is not easy.

It's Monday. This week's quote is inviting you to find the mechanism that slows down events between response and reaction, offering the opportunity to change the reaction altogether into something more peaceful and productive.

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