Sunday, 2 November 2014

Quote of the Week - Kluckman

"In this short life there is too little time to spend such precious currency on fruitless pursuits. Don't chase those who don't want to be caught. Don't open the door to those who track mud into your home. Learn to say no. But love without limits. Find the dream you were born to dress yourself in and wear it every day. There will be split tongues and false faces. You will falter and stumble but those who walk with you will know you by your journey. Speak love and you speak every tongue."
~Zachary Kluckman

At Zesty, we LOVE having real quotes from real live people! This is from Zachary Kluckman's FB page (used with permission of course). He's a real live writer, poet, community arts organizer and curator based in Albuquerque.

Any one of these sentences is a great reminder - and we all need reminders. But taken together they are a wisdom. Wisdom is rare - don't pass it up when it comes around.

Always loved this image of Bob Dylan and Suzy Rotolo; somehow two happy artists walking through snowy lower Manhattan seems a good accompaniment to this quote.

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