Monday, 28 May 2012

Quote of the Week - Theroux

"Writing by hand is part of my creative process. The speed at which I write with a pen seems to be the speed at which my imagination finds the best forms of words."
-Paul Theroux 

Thanks to my friend Kami Rice, who tweeted the article this quote is from - Paul Theroux on writing by hand.

Often when working with clients, I strongly suggest doing journal writing and free writing by hand.  I can't supervise them when I'm not there, and I know that many of them don't do this when I'm not watching.  Yet, our internal rhythms, thought, heartbeat, logic, are what drives the words into sentences.  Each language has its own rhythm, as well.  Not everyone is a great typist - some people could not possibly ever keep up with their thoughts, while some people may type too fast for their internal voice.

The pen, the page - these are usually just right.

Anyway, don't listen to me - listen to Theroux.  He's a master.

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