Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Other 50% - Zero Presence in Cannes

As a reaction to the fact that NO FILMS AT THE 2012 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL WERE DIRECTED BY WOMEN, a group of women, headed by Melissa Silverstein of Women and Hollywood have created a petition.

I would love to ask you to read and consider what the petition puts forth, and sign if you agree.

I'm not much of a signer myself, and I'm certainly not interested in filling quotas, but I have signed it.

There is a deep need to uncover the ingrained misogyny in the industry, and I think this begins to address that without asking for unreasonable actions.  Mainstream entertainment's often subliminal anti-female messaging influences society at large.  Changing what we create and who creates it, has the ability to change our world.

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