Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Drive, She Said

I just finally watched Drive, which is just finally streaming on Netflix (streaming seems to have had a little redesign, not addressing any of the actual issues customers have, but I digress).

Wow.  It looks so simple, and is so clearly not simple.  I was fascinated and immediately looked up articles on the cinematography.  They used an Arri Alexa primarily, a camera I've not had a chance to work with yet.  They had a great gaffer to go with a great DP, and a director who let them work their magic.

This article in American Cinematographer is fantastic. The level of detail here is not for everyone, but it is indicative of a few things people seem to be forgetting.

  • You want professionals doing this.  They make it look simple when it is ridiculously complex.  (And they don't do it by trial and error, thus wasting time and money.)
  • Sure, you can shoot a movie on your iPhone.  But why would you?
  • You can micro-manage as a director, but you will never achieve anything this elegant if you get in the way of people at the height of their craft.  Just learn how to tell them what you want and step back.

I forgot I liked playing with toys and playing with people who play with toys.  Writers don't have too many toys or people around.

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