Monday, 20 February 2012

Quote of the Week - Finney

"Who can you turn and tell?  You can tell yourself.  That's who matters in the telling.  Then tell the page...tell the page...and the word will get out.  The family will then pass the word along."


It's so important to remember the validity of voice.  Regardless of who is listening.  This isn't THX - you may not have an audience (yet, or still), but you are listening.  You.  Tell yourself your truth.  Tell yourself what counts.  Tell yourself your story matters - maybe not more than anyone else's, but at least as much.

You've got a new week.  Tell your story to the page, the iPhone Voice Recorder, the built-in camera on your laptop - go tell it - like the man said - on the mountain.  Even if only the wind hears.

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