Saturday, 11 February 2012

Writing Is Not A Mystery - Follow Up

Just after posting the Sitting Down Like Bukowski blog, a couple of things floated up that seemed serendipitous.  One,  shared on FB by a friend, was an account of Henry Miller's "Commandments:"

This is a good list.  It's personal, but it's useful to writers at large.  It's clear he was battling some personal issues he had with writing - I think #1 and #2 and #10 seem to be specifically targeted at some battle he was hacing - I like to work on multiple things in different stages, it allows me less burnout (assuming I'm not on deadline pressure).  Still, these are all strong, clear, and point to a very serious process.  Mix and match - write your own.  Keep what works; throw away the rest.  Most of all, remember that prolific, published, and consumed writers need reminders, too.  You are not alone.

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